Corporate Communications Strategy, Planning and Execution

Honed over 20 years of experience, Buttonwood employs a comprehensive process for developing an effective strategy to achieve your communications goals. We’ve used this process to:

  • Counsel a leading mortgage bank on managing its brand through litigation following the mortgage crisis, including internal and external campaigns.
  • Develop programs to assist multiple hedge funds with navigating crisis, including litigation, multiple high-profile transactions and investor disputes.
  • Develop comprehensive educational campaigns for consumers and professionals on exchange traded funds, technology innovations, mortgage products and a range of personal finance solutions.

Public Relations Strategy, Planning, Execution

While PR tactics have evolved, the ability to conceive a story journalists find compelling will always be core to success. Just a few sample illustrations we can share include:

  • Launching a start-up ETF investment firm with coverage across top tier media from The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Financial Times to Bloomberg TV, CNBC and much more.
  • Repositioning a globally recognized index through a combination of content, events, distribution tactics and thoughtful partnering.
  • Putting a tech startup on the map with coverage in top tier media and accounting trades by identifying and seizing on timely regulatory reforms.

Thought Leadership Conception, Creation and Promotion

Tactics continue to evolve and expand, but the underpinning of any successful communications campaign is well written, thoughtfully conceived content that carries the right message to your target audiences. We’ve used our process to:

  • Conceive a global asset owner survey from which we create content to drive the industry discussion around smart beta.
  • Position a tech entrepreneur as a thought leader by helping conceive and then placing content on topics such as Blockchain, preparing for Brexit and the solving operational challenges of regulatory changes.
  • Enable investment managers to articulate their strategies and showcase expertise on topics such as event-driven investing, volatility’s role in portfolio construction and investing like a fiduciary in a post-DOL world.

Marketing Strategy, Planning, Creative Development and Execution

As proponents of the integrated communications philosophy, we approach every assignment with an understanding that the opportunity set has greatly expanded and it requires an equally expansive skill set. Whether you need to name a new company, overhaul a brand, launch a new product, or just update your website, Buttonwood has thoughtfully developed a team of internal and external professionals to provide the full spectrum of capabilities to ignite ideas to achieve your goals. A few recent examples include:

  • Launching an outsourced money management business for RIAs, including messaging and content for marketing collateral (website, pitch books, and companion app).
  • Naming, developing the branding and creating a website for a new RIA.
  • Developing websites as part of the launch for a startup ETF manager and as part of rebranding efforts for a well-established mutual fund manager.