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Buttonwood’s Justin Meise Joins ETF Trends’ Tom Lydon as Panelists at iShares Connect Conference


Buttonwood’s Justin Meise will join Tom Lydon, president of Global Trends Investments and editor of ETF Trends, as panelists at the invitation-only 2015 iShares Connect Conference on Tuesday, April 21st. Featured on the Build Your Marketing Toolkit: Scalable and Affordable Marketing Tactics panel, Meise and Lydon will discuss using an integrated communications approach to build your brand. The speakers will offer advice to the ETF strategist attendees on how to fine-tune their message and develop a unique value proposition that resonates with both current and potential clients. Meise and Lydon will also discuss the role of content marketing, effective use of social media and digital marketing.

About the iShares Connect Program

Since 2008, the iShares Connect Program has been committed to nurturing and growing the ETF Investment Strategist industry. The iShares Connect team offers Strategists bespoke consulting services to help expand and scale their businesses. According to Cerulli Associates, in 2014, iShares was rated the most supportive ETF Provider by ETF Strategists.

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